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Pizza Delivery that tastes better, and is better for you

December 15, 2020

Pizza is just pizza, right?  Not so at Gallio Pizza and we’re on a mission to make pizza that tastes better and is better for you.  We’re taking a fresh approach to London pizza delivery and bringing innovation to age-old tradition by combining bold and vibrant flavours from across the Mediterranean.  We are taking the Capital on a delicious journey of tastes delivered hot to your doorstep.


Not Just any Pizza

The journey begins with our GALLIO signature artisan base with ancient grains. We have created a uniquely delicious, crispy and chewy base that’s simple, satisfying, and prepared with nothing more than sea salt, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and pure filtered water. The best ingredients are prepared in the best way, and after being left to prove for 36 hours we add our delicious and lovingly sourced pizza toppings, and cook to perfection to create some of the most exciting flavour combinations in the city.



How did the story of Gallio start?

With our roots firmly based in the Mediterranean we wanted to explore and share what inspires us and bring a modern understanding of health and flavour to Pizza delivery.  Inspired by the classics, but tweaked to contemporary tastes, we’ve collaborated with Chef and Food Writer Ben Tish to create something we know pizza fans in London are going to adore. We’re re-imagining one of the world’s favourite foods and the possibilities are exciting and endless.


Nothing Boring here

Try something different and find a new favourite for your next pizza delivery. Check out our Eastern-Mediterranean inspired pizza with delicately spiced lamb, fresh labneh, pungent rose harissa and tangy pickled chilli, or the Spanish-inspired Chorizo, piquillo peppers, caramelised onion, tomatoes, capers and sage seeds.
Seasonal specials, created by Ben Tish, will also be featured and are bursting with unique flavours. For this December he’s created the Moorish Spiced Chicken with feta, pomegranate, zhoug and tomato sauce and delicious Sweet Aubergine with feta, mozzarella, fresh chilli, honey and walnuts.
If you want to say No more to that bloated feeling after pizza, you’ll be happy to hear that Gallio’s signature thin and crispy base is mixed with nothing more than sea salt, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil and pure filtered water.  High in protein, high in fiber, and high in antioxidants, the dough is then left to prove for 36 hours before being topped with fresh and delicious Pizza toppings that reflect the richness and variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

More than Pizza

We’ve got vibrant salads, delicious mezze-style bowls for sharing and mouth-watering flatbreads that are delicious eaten alone but perfect with anything on the menu too. Share in true Mediterranean style with beetroot borani, yoghurt, dill, Medjool dates, feta and walnuts, or try our popular vegan quinoa salad with green lentils, spinach, avocado, spring onions, mint and parsley.

A Sweet Idea

Finally choose from a sumptuous selection of sweets with Award winning Hackney gelato and sorbet that’s handmade and slow churned for a luxuriously smooth texture, or indulge with our Chocolate almond cake, Sicilian lemon cheesecake, simple and delicious roasted Black figs and plums with pistachio crumble and whipped coconut yogurt.

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